What's in a Name?


Oli G's star treatment is powered by oligopeptides—tiny but mighty molecules that boost protein production, smooth the cuticle, deliver shine, and keep hair healthy and vibrant.

Oligopeptides are essential for stunning hair—just like Oli G.

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The Complete System

Cleanse with Pure Detox

This powerhouse clarifying shampoo gently refreshes and deeply cleanses to remove all impurities without stripping, and get hair in its most receptive state prior to treatments of any kind.

Protect with Chemical Addiction

Shield your hair from chemical assault! This bond repair spray mitigates the effects of chemical and mechanical stress—reviving and fortifying delicate and damaged hair and keeping salon results and color locked in longer.

Nourish with Renew

This powerful yet weightless oil repairs and reverses damage by nourishing the hair holistically—giving all hair types beautiful, frizz-free smoothness with more shine and strength than ever! The result is gorgeousness you can feel.

Balance with Total Refresh

Like a perfect duet, this shampoo and conditioner duo delivers pure harmony! Its pH-balanced and moisture-balancing properties help maintain hair health, strength and vitality. Both are safe and gentle enough for daily use.

Restore with Atomic

This easy-to-use leave-in formula means no more long visits to the salon or expensive chemical processes needed! With this revolutionary reparative technology, damaged, bleached and over-processed hair is hydrated and transformed within minutes of first use.

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Atomic Hair Repair Leave-in Treatment

Heal Your Hair


"Definitely worth the hype! Your hair is an investment and I can’t live without my Oli G."


"Oli G made my client’s badly-damaged hair so smooth and stunning-looking. I’m blown away!"

Erika B.

"My 13-year-old uses the entire Oli G line without any help. It's amazing to see her confidently manage her own hair care, and her hair has honestly never looked better!"

Better Together

Pure Detox Clarifying Shampoo
Atomic Hair Repair Leave-in Treatment
Renew Porosity Balancing Oil

Shield & Shine

Step 1: Protect and preserve with Chemical Addiction Peptide Bonding Spray
Step 2: Seal in smoothness with Renew Porosity Balancing Oil

Get Your Shine On

Renew Porosity Balancing Oil


Real Beautiful Results

Potent Color & Chemical Protection